日期/ Date: 2018/9/7

地點/ Location: 主教座堂/ Cathedral





The Mass was on the 7th of September, beginning at 9:30 in the morning. Some schools like CDSJ5 partook in this special event. This took place in Se Cathedral.


In the beginning of the Mass, the choir would sing and everyone had to stand up. The First Reading began and everyone listened. The Second Reading was a few minutes later. Then the Homily begins. The Bishop talked about the two readings and how to always move forward.


The people kneeled and prayed to God. The people would then go and take the Eucharist. After that, everyone would pray some more while the choir was singing. The Mass ended shortly afterwards. All the schools took pictures to remember this event.


The Mass was a refreshing breeze to all the Catholic students who attended. Though it was just like any ordinary Mass, the amount of students who attended made it an experience for every individual person who attended.


文 / 高二甲 唐藝維, Form 4B Gabriel Fesalbon