On November 1st will be the start of the “Month of Souls”. The definition of the month of souls is the time when we as Catholics offer our prayers to the Holy Souls. Recently, students have paper cranes as a memorial activity. Through this activity students thanked and remembered their past relatives, pupils were reminded of the attitudes towards life. These crafts are then given to Art teachers and will be hung up in the school lobby.

“All Saints’ Day” will be on November 1st, the start of the “Month of Souls”. The day after that will be “All Souls Day” on November 2nd.These meaningful days are similar to Chinese Holidays, such as “Lunar New Year, The Ching Ming Festival and The Chung Yeung Festival”. During these Chinese holidays, people worship their ancestors, which is fairly similar to the events in the “Month of Souls”.

During RE (Religious Education) classes have written down some words for their ancestors and are then given to the teacher to check their work.

The “Month of Souls” is a month where you can take the time to worship or thank your ancestors for what you wish to say.

文/ Form 5A  Ricaela Villahermosa Diputado