日期/Date : 2019/5/9

日前在教青局職員的陪同下,六位來自北京的官員 (分別是教育部港澳台事務辦公室 田露露副主任,教育部國際合作與交流司辦公室 劉力副處長,北京市教育委員會港澳台辦公室 劉文川副處長,北京市第四中學 王紅黨委書記,北京師範大學附屬實驗中學 郝智勇副校長以及北京第二實驗小學 張建副校長) 以及學校管理層到本校進行參觀交流活動,他們在本校的行政團隊帶領下,先後參觀了小學英文部、幼稚園部、小學中文部以及中學的物理實驗室,其後到本校圖書館進行交流活動。他們十分認同本校的校訓及辦學理念,並認為本校的辦學方式、道德教育與學科的結合、活動教學以及融合教育等範疇都值得參考與借鑑。

To better exchange information and familiarize education experience of Macau, a school visit at CDSJ5 was offered to six representatives of educational administrations in Beijing. The visit was co-organized by DSEJ. With the guidance by the staff of our school, the visit included walking tours to learn about each academic section and different school facilities. The tour ended in school library with a sharing session. The session collected opinions from the Beijing representatives that they highly agreed on the educational concepts of our school such us curriculum planning, teaching and learning methodologies and the implement of inclusive education.