奧林匹克機械人澳門區選拔賽獲奬 / Award of World Robot Olympiad (Macau)


(The Primary section and the Secondary section participated in WRO organized by MSTIEA on 2018/7/14. the following students were rewarded: )

日期/Date: 2018/9/11(小學//Primary section)

                 2018/9/12(中學/Secondary section)

地點/Location: 本校B座操場/ Playground of Block B

小學/ /Primary section:

梁振峰,葉秋銘,馮海鳴 獲得 WeDo創意賽亞軍

麥煒俊,鄺建熙 獲得 機械人常規賽小學組一等獎



中學/ Secondary section:

何靜嵐, 盛永順, 鄺兆夆 獲得 機械人常規賽初中組一等奬

蕭子穎, 陳加進, 張振耀 獲得 機械人常規賽初中組一等奬

(17/18學年 5 – 7 月練習)



Students are getting better and better about robots through their diligence, regular training and teachers’ guidance. Except for the knowledge of robots, the competition can also train students’ creativity and coordination ability. As this robot competition is a team competition, our students must support and cooperate with each other with team spirit in order to make a unique robot completely.

This competition is a good experience of learning for the students and also means a new record. Since WRO is open for all candidates in Macau, it means the competition has a quite high level. The winning team can also represent Macau to take part in the international robot competition. Although it is the first time for our schoolmates to join this kind of competition, they still get a good achievement. Here let’s thank for our teachers’ instructions and our students’ hard work. Let’s move toward the goal of using robots in life.

文 / 高二甲 盧璟麒, 高二乙 麥子言