本校中學中文部參加了由教育暨青年局主辦的「2018教師節 短片、手工賀卡及海報設計比賽」獲獎情況如下

      The Secondary Chinese Section participated in the "2018 Teacher's Day Short Film, Handmade Greeting Card and Poster Design Competition" hosted by the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau in 2018. The awards are as follows:

      交件日期和時間/Date : 2018/4/9~23


      高三理 何宇華獲得 優異獎/ Merit




      The Teacher's Day on September 10th is a day of celebration together with colleagues in the education sectors in Macau. In September 2018, a series of activities were held to celebrate Teacher's Day in order to promote the spirit of “respecting teachers” and affirmed teachers’ contribution to society.

      The content of the competition is about producing original short films, hand-made greeting cards and posters to convey the message of respecting the teachers, showing gratitude to the teachers.


​​​​​​​​​文/ 高一甲 王文健, 高一乙 馮嘉晴