日期/Date : 2019/05/18

地點/Venue : 永樂戲院 / Cinema Alegria


當日的表演項目眾多,當中包括:管弦樂表演、樂器演奏、大合唱、Band show、武術、跳繩、跳舞、粵曲等,內容十分精彩豐富。每一位學生都竭盡所能,把自己一直以來的努力展現在老師以及家長的眼前。

To develop students’ potential and character, our school hosted a Sports & Arts Performance Show on 2019/05/18 in Cinema Alegria. It aims at providing an appropriate and competitive forum for displaying of students’ talents in the performing.

The show offered a variety of performances including orchestra, ensembles of different instruments, choir, band show, martial arts, rope skipping, dancing, Cantonese opera, etc. All the performers did their best and showed their talents to the audience with great success.