日期/ Date:2018/9/3


(Due to the bad weather, the ceremony schedule changed as the following:)

小學/Primary section:2018/9/4

中學/Secondary section:2018/9/5


地點/ Location:本校B座操場 / Playground of Block B



        本學年,學校新增了29位新老師,包括:小學中文部10位、小學英文部10位,、中學部6 位、幼稚園3位。當中有7位是外籍老師,他們分別來自加拿大(2位)、美國(1位)、菲律賓(2位)、澳大利亞(1位)和挪威(1位)。非常感謝他們能來到我們學校,為我們帶來不同的教育文化。


        September is the starting point for a new year's journey. As time went by, we went back to the familiar place. Ringing the bell at 8 o’clock, the opening ceremony started. As usual, students sang the school song loudly and it came to the principal's speech. The topic of this year is humility and gratitude. Gratitude is the memory of the heart and humility could lead to process. Next, it was the speech from the Vice-Principal. She encouraged students to work harder in the upcoming year and care more about the people and things around them.

        There are 29 new teachers participating in our school: 3 for kindergarten, 10 for Chinese primary section, 10 for English primary section, and 6 for secondary section. Seven of them are from overseas countries, including two from Canada, one from the United States, two from the Philippines, one from Australia, and one from Norway. Here, we are very grateful to have the teachers who come from far to bring knowledge and cultures from different countries.

        Finally, the opening ceremony ended in the loud voice of Hymn to St. Joseph. We here wish our students to have a successful year, to fight for their dreams, to be rewarded in this journey, and to learn with gratitude and humility.

文/ 高二乙 黃曉君, Form 4A 鄧樂童