2020年9月10 日為教師節,澳門天主教學校聯會於當日下午舉行2020年教師發展日。 是次活動主題為「接納包容,和諧共融」。



Let’s extend the warmest congratulations to three of our teachers who have gained the Long Service Award.

On Sep 10, 2020, it was Teacher’s Day. The activity called “Teacher’s Development Day” was held by the Union of Catholic Schools of Macau that afternoon. The theme of the activity was “By acceptance and tolerance, we can live with harmony in a community.”

There are three teachers honored with the Long Service Award in our school. They are Mr Lei Wai Chun (SES) and Miss Chan Kim Ha (Kindergarten), having served in their teaching career for 35 years, and Miss Kuan Fong I (SCS), having served as a teacher for 30 years. They have contributed their valuable youth and golden knowledge to the field of education. They have been treating each student with unconditional love and care. Let’s present our most sincere blessings to them and wish them good health, so that they can continue burning themselves for the next generation.

Sincere thanks to three of our great teachers.