對象/Audience: 高一及Form 4學生


地點/Location:廣州思源學校 / Guangzhou Siyuan School


        Students of Guangzhou Siyuan School gave a warm welcome to us right after a two-hour ride from Macau to Guangzhou. The exchange tour started with speeches of both schools. Then our students experienced having lessons together with the local students, including Chinese, English and Physical Education lessons. Taking the Chinese lesson as an example, the local teacher made a lead-in topic ‘Guests from Macau’ and brought the lesson into group discussions and activities. Both Siyuan and our students got closer by introducing themselves to each other, and they left a blessing on a board as a commemoration. After lunch, students did some sports activities that enhanced their interaction and cooperation. In the end, the students of both schools conducted a question and answer session. During the session, the Siyuan students answered all of our questions enthusiastically. Finally, a farewell ceremony was carried out. After the event, students of both schools benefited a lot.


​​​​​​​​​文/ 高一甲 王文健, 高一乙 馮嘉晴